CC Speech 2: Organize Your Speech

Organize Your Speech

The second project in the Competent Communicator manual is: Organize Your Speech.  The goal of this project is to plan out the structure of the speech to support the speech topic.  Several suggested outlines are provided to help.  The basic structure is: Opening, Body, Conclusion.

The value of repetition is stressed.  You may already be familiar with the advice: “Tell them what you’re going to say.  Say it. Then tell them what you said.”

Since the speech is only five to seven minutes, the suggestion is to restrict it to three or four points at most.

My speech was titled: “Working the Competent Leadership Manual”. I discussed how to plan your path through the Competent Leadership Manual.

When I was earning my CL, I found the manual to be poorly organized (it had since been revised).  And I used this speech as an opportunity to share how I worked through it to help the rest of the club.

I was a lot less nervous for this speech for a few reasons:  It was my second speech and I had survived the first one.  This speech was a lot less personal.  And, this time, there wasn’t a rush of new people at the meeting.

I still relied too much on my notes and my eye contact was uneven.  But these are things I worked on for future speeches.

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Organize Your Speech

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