Word of the Week Wednesday: Haberdasher

This week’s word is: Haberdasher.

A haberdasher is a person or shop that sells men’s clothes and accessories such as shirts, ties, gloves, socks, and hats.

I picked this word more for the sound than for the meaning.  Say it with me: hab-er-dash-er.

To my ear and tongue, it’s got a fun, humorous, old-timey feel to it, maybe it’s because it’s almost got an internal rhyme.

Because it would feel so out-of-place in today’s world, I’d love to hear in used in conversation:  “Before I meet you at Starbucks, I need to pop into the haberdasher.  Time for a new set of gloves, old man.”

What words do you find amusing?  Which words would you love to work into your everyday conversation?  Let me know in comments.



About Dan Kingsepp, ACS, ALS
I'm starting this blog to share my thought on the use of the English language and my experiences as a Toastmaster.

9 Responses to Word of the Week Wednesday: Haberdasher

  1. Jim Kingsepp says:

    ‘Cellar door’ is the classic example of a phonaesthetic phrase.


    • “phonaesthetic”, great word!

      I remember cellar door from Donnie Darko. It also came up just recently on The Hot Word blog. Although the article you linked to went into much greater detail.

      Let’s just hope the Times doesn’t sue me for naming my blog after their column.

      Cellar door has a good sound to it, but I’ve watched enough horror movies that I have a hard time getting past the creepy connotations of the phrase.

  2. Jen says:


    I personally love the “precipice.” I think just saying the word gives you a feel for it’s meaning. AND I actually know what the word means and can use it correctly in conversation….which as we know is a plus for me! ; )

    • Well, let’s hope you don’t keep me hanging and I hear you use it soon. 🙂

  3. dfolstad58 says:

    Reticent and Panache are two words that I like. haberdasher eh? Well old man I will have to work that one into table topics.

    • Tally-ho! And twenty-three skidoo!

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