Training and Distinguished Club Program Update

As I posted yesterday, today was the mid-year Officers Training.  I attended with our club’s Vice-President Education.  Our Vice-President Public Relations attended on February 5th.  That makes three officers trained in this session and our Treasurer is attended next week.  That will give us the four required for goal 9 of the Distinguished Club Program.

The session started with a few speeches in front of everyone to share information and psych up the crowd.  After that, we split up for training by office.

President‘s training wasn’t really about teaching us how to be club presidents, since we had all been serving in the office since last July.  What the facilitator did was to go around the room and ask each President what greatest difficulties were facing each club.  We then had an open discussion where we each shared our experiences and tried to brainstorm solutions to each other problems.  My club’s issue, as I mentioned a while ago, is sparse attendance.

After President’s training, I attended a session about the Distinguished Club Program.  The structure of the program was explained, which was a bit superfluous since I’ve been focused on it since before I became President.  More interesting and useful was the discussion of working with the membership to set goals and how the club goals and individual member goals support each other.

All in all, the training was very worthwhile.  I learned a bit but, more importantly, it was a great chance to network with other Toastmasters and recharge my enthusiasm for the club.  The difference may not be as pronounced as that I saw in our VP-PR, but that’s mainly because I was already at a high level of enthusiasm (hence the blog).

Speaking of the Distinguished Club Program, our club has completed one more goal!  Our Vice-President Education has completed her Competent Leader award.  This brings our club to five points which makes us officially a Distinguished Club!


About Dan Kingsepp, ACS, ALS
I'm starting this blog to share my thought on the use of the English language and my experiences as a Toastmaster.

3 Responses to Training and Distinguished Club Program Update

  1. Pete Moyer says:

    Very nice update Dan – you are doing a great job as President.

    • Thanks, Pete! I appreciate the support.

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