Moments of Truth

On Wednesday, I presented the Moments of Truth program for my club.

You’ll recall that I’ve mentioned this often in the past and that this presentation has been a long time coming.

Moments of Truth is a part of the Successful Club Series which I presented as one of the requirements for completing my Advanced Leader Bronze (ALB) goal.

It’s estimated to take an hour to complete but, as I found with the Mentoring presentation, it actually took longer.

The purpose of the presentation is to describe the standards of a successful club and evaluate how well our club meets them.

A Moment of Truth is: An episode where a member comes in contact with any aspect of the Toastmasters experience and forms an impression of the club’s quality and service.

The six Moments of Truth are:

  • First Impressions
  • Membership Orientation
  • Fellowship, Variety and Communication
  • Program Planning and Meeting Organization
  • Membership Strength
  • Achievement Recognition

The structure of the program is a PowerPoint presentation which is used to describe the six Moments of Truth and the standards for each.  This is followed by a ten minute session where the members are broken out in six groups, one for each moment, to evaluate how well the club meets the standards.   This, in turn, is followed by a facilitated discussion of the evaluations.

In the allotted hour, I was able to complete the presentation, allow for the break-out session and discuss the first two evaluations.  I have scheduled a follow-up meeting to complete the discussion of the remaining moments.

Despite running out of time, the presentation went quite well.  We came up with some excellent ideas and suggestions for improvement for the first two moments and I expect even more productive discussion during the second session.

As an added bonus, we had one of the officers from our sister club attend and she is bringing back what she learned from the presentation back to her club.


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