CC Speech 10: Inspire Your Audience

The tenth and final project in the Competent Communicator manual is: Inspire Your Audience.

The goal of this project, as the climax of the ten-speech journey toward becoming a Competent Communicator, is to use all of the skills practiced in the nine previous projects to provide an effective and inspirational presentation.

Some tips for this project are: to appeal to the audience’s needs and emotional reactions, use stories and anecdotes to make the message resonate with the audience and to avoid using notes to present an aura of confidence and reliability in the speech.

The title of my speech was: “Serving Your Club”.

I chose this topic for a number of reasons.  Firstly, it is a topic I feel deeply about and about which I have a breadth of knowledge.  Secondly, I presented the speech on the day we were accepting nominations for next year’s club officers.  My goal was to inspire our club members to step up to the challenge of club leadership.

This was only my third speech delivered completely without notes.  The first one was my speech about comic book superhero movies; the second was when I presented “Bugs!” for the second time for my club’s humorous speech contest.

Since I knew the topic so well and practiced enough to feel comfortable not using notes, I was freed up to move about and really connect with the audience.

I began the speech by discussing the accomplishments our club has achieved in two short year of existence and crediting that success to our members who took it upon themselves to serve our club.

Then I pointed out the many ways a member can serve the club and the ways serving the club can serve the individual member, from simple attendance and being part of an attentive and supportive audience at club meetings to serving as Club President.

I feel very good about how this speech went and even inspired myself to give more speeches without using notes.

This speech completed my Competent Communicator requirement, which also completed my Advanced Leader Bronze requirement.

This is the end of the Competent Communicator series of posts.  Be on the lookout for the new Advanced Communicator series, which I will begin once I start presenting my speeches for my ACB.


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