Table Topics Thursday: Topic 17

This Thursday’s Table Topics question is: Is it always better to know the truth, even when it hurts?

I would say that it’s usually better to know the truth and I’m not sure that how much it hurts is necessarily a factor for when it’s better and when it’s not.

Beyond the truths that are just none of my business, there are truths that it probably wouldn’t help me to know.

For instance, if someone had said unkind things about me once or twice, I understand that nobody is perfect and everyone can be mean and unthinking from time to time, but if occasional gossiping or venting is not a sign of anything more serious, I don’t see the benefit of knowing about it.

Granted, that answer took a whole High School, “Mean Girls” turn but I’m sure there are other instances where an unpleasant truth is not necessary for me to know.

So, what do you think? Is it always better to know the truth, even when it hurts?


About Dan Kingsepp, ACS, ALS
I'm starting this blog to share my thought on the use of the English language and my experiences as a Toastmaster.

One Response to Table Topics Thursday: Topic 17

  1. Khris says:

    In my experince whenever someone has tried to spare my feelings I found out anyways and was more hurt about the lying. Yet saying that, there have been times when I tried to do that to someone else and they were hurt by the lie in the end. It is a difficult thing sometimes, to tell the truth especially if we know it is going to hurt a person we love. Funny thing about life is the right thing is usually always the hardest to do, so I would have say it is ALWAYS better to the know the truth.

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