Word of the Week Wednesday: befuddle

This Wednesday’s Word of the Week is: befuddle

Befuddle, like many previous words of the week means to confuse or perplex.

Also, like many of the similar words I’ve chosen previously, I think this word is just fun.

Maybe it’s a function of the concept of confusions that gives so many of its synonyms an amusing sound.

Maybe it’s a quality of self-deprecation; the ability to laugh at our own limitations that causes us to tend towards amusing-sounding words to describe not being at our best.

It could also be something of a defense mechanism to convince ourselves that, even though everything’s not quite right, it’s not all that bad.



About Dan Kingsepp, ACS, ALS
I'm starting this blog to share my thought on the use of the English language and my experiences as a Toastmaster.

2 Responses to Word of the Week Wednesday: befuddle

  1. The Hook says:

    Is it just me, or does that baby have an unusually large head?

  2. Now that I look at it again, I believe the head is a bit over-sized.

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