Word of the Week Wednesday: heinous

This Wednesday’s Word of Week is: heinous.

Heinous means hateful or reprehensible.

It’s also used in slang to mean ugly or as an exaggeration.  “The dress was heinous.”  “The exam last week was heinous.”

The word is on the borderline of being overused, but I still find it mildly fun to use.



Word of the Week Wednesday: hideous

This Wednesday’s Word of the Week is: hideous.

Hideous is not an uncommon word.  It means ugly or repellant.

I’ve always liked this word.  It lends itself easily to hyperbolic use.

It’s a stronger word than ugly but perhaps because of its use in exaggeration, it’s easier to not take serious.

Word of the Week Wednesday: bespoke

This “Wednesday”‘s Word of the Week is: bespoke.

Besides being the past tense of bespeak.  It is also an adjective used in British English meaning custom-made or made to order, usually referring to clothing. As might be done by a haberdasher.

This comes from an expansion of bespeak meaning prearranged.



High Performance Leadership Part III: Winning Commitment to Your Objective

Part three of the High Performance leadership project involves enlisting the help of others, putting together and action team and getting into more detail by devising an action plan.

The first step is to enlist an action team.  This is done by identifying key helpers and people who might resist the project from among the list of stakeholders, people who have something to gain or lose from the project.

From amongst the key helpers, I formed the action team and met with them a few times.

The first meeting was to introduce the team to the vision, mission and core values of the project (outlined in Part II).

Once the team had bought into the vision of the project, we worked together to define the key results areas of the project.

As a reminder, the project is to increase attendance and participation at our club meetings.

We came up with five key results areas:

  1. LDP Requirements: Establish and track the requirements for member who join our club through our company’s Leadership Development Program.
  2. Mentoring: Revamp our club’s Mentoring Program.
  3. Orientations: Establish a team and procedures for making sure that all new members receive orientation into the club upon joining.
  4. The Successful Club Series: Ensure that presentations from the Successful Club Series are presented in the club often.
  5. Spirit Squad: Establish a Spirit Squad to encourage members who may be lacking in participation or attendance.

For each of the key results areas, we then established specific tasks to be accomplished and a timeline for those tasks making sure that each task meets the SMART criteria:






Each member of the action team were given their tasks and timeline and we will meet again at the end of the month to discuss status.


Word of the Week Wednesday: auscultation


This Wednesday’s Word of the Week is: auscultation

Auscultation describes the act of listening to the sounds of internal organs as a method of diagnosis.

I like this word because it looks kind of odd-ball to me.  It’s got the “au” which is related to sound but other than that, I don’t see much of a clue in the word as to it’s meaning,

Maybe it’s because the word is new to me, but the first “t” seems out of place.  Of course, it could be the similarity between this word and “oscillation”.

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