WOW: birl


birlingThis week’s Word of the week is: birl.

To birl is to cause a floating log to spin by treading on it.  This is a short word that, for some reason, I find really interesting.

curlingThis is apparently an odd, northern sport, like curling.

I’m sure it’s just a wild coincidence that they rhyme.  But curling has made it to the Olympics, so who knows, maybe birling isn’t far behind.


WOW: fulgurant


lightningThis week’s Word of the Week is: fulgurant.

Fulgurant means flashing suddenly like lightning.

Don’t have much to say about this word except that it sounds pretty cool and lightning is awesome.

WOW: catachresis


metaphorThis week’s Word of the Week is: catachresis.

Catachresis refers to the intentional or not of misused or straining of language such as a mixed metaphor.

It comes from the Latin word meaning to misuse.

WOW: hamartia


hubrisThis week’s Word of the Week is: hamartia.

A hamartia is a fatal flaw in literature or drama which brings about the downfall of the protagonist.

A classic example is pride or hubris.

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