DCP Status Page

Select Distinguished Club 2011-2012!!

[1] CCs 2 0
[2] Additional CCs 2 0
[3] ACs 1 1 *
[4] Additional ACs 1 1 *
[5] CL, AL, or DTM 1 1 *
[6] Additional CLs, ALs, or DTMs 1 1 *
[7] New Members 4 4 *
[8] Additional New Members 4 5 *
[9] Officers Trained (both required)
June-August 4 5 *
and December-February 4 4
[10] Submitted on time (both required)
October or April Renewal 1 0 *
and Officer List 1 1
Total Goals Achieved To-Date: 8

11 Responses to DCP Status Page

  1. unioncitytm says:


    I like your page very much. I need to learn a few more things for my club (Union City TM in Union City, NJ) right here in wordpress, to continue improving the blog.


    Julian Hernandez, DTM

    • Thanks. I just started the blog last week. I find I always want to talk about Toastmasters, but am leery of boring my friends. So, this seemed like a good solution. I’ve checked out your blog and am quite impressed.

      Speak with you soon.

      Dan Kingsepp, CL

  2. And, by the way. Congrats on being my first commenter.

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  5. dfolstad58 says:

    I found your blog inspiring. I just attended my first conference in Vancouver,BC last weekend. Fun & inspiring also. Not sure where your club is but if you are in the Pacific Northwest – there is a spring conference in 2011 I could send you the weblink for, our keynote speaker will be from Texas! just a teaser there to keep you interested. http://www.d21springconference.ca/

    • Thanks. My club is in Virginia Beach, Virginia, across the country. We’re in District 66. Thanks for the invite and link, though. Hope you continue enjoying the blog and comment often; I always crave feedback.

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